The G.I.M.P. Anti-Clan Competition and Tourney Club is the gaming solution mature gamers have been looking for. It’s the "no bullshit" answer to organized gaming. There are no designated leaders, no infighting for position, no battles over who gets to play when, and no two-bit, nothing-else-of-value-in-his-life hoser attempting to control what you play and who you play with. Here’s how it works:

Members of the G.I.M.P. Anti-Clan Competition and Tourney Club that wish to join a tournament or competitive ladder for any particular game post up at the forum that they want to start up a team and form an ad-hoc squad right there, on the spot. The team works out which parties are responsible for which duties (who will set up matches, who will work on maps and strategies, etc.). Because we emphasize equality and camaraderie at G.I.M.P., we suggest that the founding members of each squad promote add-on members as high as possible, but we ultimately leave ranks and such for squad play up to the founding groups themselves.

When the ladder or tourney is over, or if changes in someone’s life cause him or her to step down, or if there is disagreement within the squad over key issues, members can simply step out of the squad and form another with G.I.M.P. No battling with clan leaders. No need to find a new group of friends to play with. None of the bullshit that occurs in traditional clans. The Club is a freeform opportunity to get a little more serious about competition than casual gameplay without having to sell your soul down clan alley.

In addition, the Club runs tournaments for many game titles and in many forms for some old fashioned competition among friends.

You don’t have to be a member of the Anti-Clan Competition and Tourney Club to be a G.I.M.P., but you cannot be a member of any clan and get access to the Anti-Clan Competition and Tourney Club section of