Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I be in a clan and be a G.I.M.P.?
A: You bet. We have plenty of members in formal clans, members of our anti-clan competition and supper club and members that just like to play for fun.

Q: What are the rules of conduct for becoming a G.I.M.P.?
A: The only rules for participation in G.I.M.P. are to not be a deliberate disrupter or habitually cause problems for other members.

Q: How will being a G.I.M.P. impact my life outside of gaming?
A: Many members report a kind of transformation after becoming G.I.M.P.s. They report having more confidence in their professional lives and becoming significantly more attractive to members of the opposite sex. We call it the "G.I.M.P. effect."

Q: Do G.I.M.P.s treat each other with equal respect?
A: Yes, we treat each other with absolutely no respect.

Q: What happens inside the G.I.M.P. forum?
A: Only members are allowed to know the secrets that lie within.

Q: Can I be in a clan for one game and a member of the Anti-Clan Competition & Tourney Club for another?
A: No. Members of the Anti-Clan Competition & Tourney Club work on strategies and tactics and should not have to worry about potential spying and conflicts of interest. Any member of the Anti-Clan Competition & Tourney Club that is caught participating in a formal clan elsewhere will be permanently banned from the club. This protects all members.

Q: What happens with money earned through G.I.M.P. Gear?
A: Any and all revenues gained, whether through donations or merchandise, fund the and activities.