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Chippendales (Farley and Swayze)

Will Wright on Colbert

Weird Al - White and Nerdy

Mitch Hedberg

Lower Back Tattoo Remover

I'm Bringing Xbox Back

Halo 3 Trailer

Owned, Part 1

Owned Part 2

Colbert Plays the Wii

In Living Color: The Reverend

Mitch Hedberg on the Late Show

PS3 vs Wii Commercial



Archive 6

Vanilla Ice Parody
The Workout

Fire Marshall Bill
Karate Instructor
Mario & Luigi Robot Chicken
Rube Goldberg Office Contraption
Kissing Test
Gay Monster
Daily Show: Kerry's Botched Joke
Ron White Standup
Shocking Practical Joke
Stocking Practical Joke)

Archive 5

Frank Caliendo Standup
Chappelle: Niggar FamilySketch
Prince vs. Charlie Murphy
Slayer: Angel of Deth (live)
Sepultura: Territory (live)
Alice in Chains: Man in the Box (live)
Mushroomhead: Before I Die (live)



Archive 4

Chad Vader Episode IV
Unnecessary Censorship
Album Covers Galore
Old Woman Driver
Bear Attack
Daily Show: Shot in the Face
Madden on MadTV
Chappelle Explains the Internet
Homer Gets High
Stewie's Money

Archive 3

Farting Preacher
Chromehounds Nuclear Testing
Halo: The Beer Song
Show Intel
Speed Challenge
Stunt Planes
Elmo Unchained
South Park: ManBearPig
Iraq for Sale

Jesus Camp
The Ten Commandments

Archive 2

Clinton on Daily Show
Colbert @ Correspondents Dinner
Brian Regan: The Gym
The Chimp and the Woman
Threats from our Enemies
Eddie Van Halen: Eruption (live)
Clapton: Layla (live)
Queen Live Superset
Led Zeppelin: Immigrant Song
Hendrix: Watchtower

Archive 1

Evolution: Schmevolution
Karaoke for the Deaf
Use of the Question Mark
Chad Vader Episodes 1, 2, 3
King of the Rings
Angry Sheep
Whale with Sense of Humor
UFO Video from China
Japanese Practical Jokes